Spring 2021 Critical Conversation Cafes

The cafes are an open and informal space, and a real opportunity to facilitate stimulating debate, critical reflection and awareness whilst discussing a range of topics, interests, passions and so on led by participants (individuals and interest groups). They are open to both staff and students at London Met.

Please ensure that you read the Cafe Courtesies before registering and attending a cafe.  Click herehttps://londonmet.box.com/v/CafeCourtesies
Take a look at recommended reading/viewing materials from the Critical Conversation Cafes: https://rl.talis.com/3/londonmet/lists/B9FD8A75-AFD4-1249-E79B-BA7A270A3970.html?lang=en-GB

Have you got an idea for a critical conversation?

“Conversation is food for the soul” – Mexican proverb

If you would like to host a cafe, we would love to hear from you! Please get in touch with Gene Huie-Manneh, Janet Douglas Gardner or a Student Union Officer. Sessions do not  have to be rooted in academic theory and any member of staff or student in partnership with the Student Union, can host a session.  As the cafes are short, we suggest beginning with a provocation or stimulus for discussion.  It could be an image, story, poem, personal experience, quote, news report or lesson topic.

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