The value of Vitamin D

We don’t get enough Vitamin D because of the weather; however, it is a vitamin we need and a vitamin that might be shielding us against COVID-19. How can we introduce more Vitamin D in our diet? By Honey Carlier Vitamin D is also known as the Sunshine Vitamin. Why? Because we get the majority … Continue reading The value of Vitamin D

Drive And Listen: a virtual ride in cities around the world while listening to local radio

Only a few things can make you feel better during lockdown. Talk to a loved one, watch a movie, listen to music, read a book, take a drive in New York or Madrid or Melbourne, while you listen to local radio stations. Wait, what? By Nikos Papanikolaou “Bro, do you know what lockdown means? Also, … Continue reading Drive And Listen: a virtual ride in cities around the world while listening to local radio

The importance of a good breakfast

Many people start the day by just a plain cup of coffee. However, we all know that breakfast should be rich—ideas about breakfasts, how can we stick to the routine of it. Are there ways to prepare breakfast we need, more quickly? By Honey Carlier Breakfast. An overlooked meal we often skip, in favour of … Continue reading The importance of a good breakfast

Meet The LGBTQ+ Society

London Metropolitan University’s LGBTQ+ Society was created in 2019 and is run by President Cinar Aydogan (he/him), Treasurer Alice Stoppani (she/her), and Secretary Timo Holtappels (he/him). The group aims to bring the queer community together by creating a safe space for said community – a space where LGBTQ+ people and allies can come together and … Continue reading Meet The LGBTQ+ Society

Snack it: Five healthy snacks to keep us boosted in between online classes

With the majority of University classes online, the new semester looks a little bit different for everyone. Whether we’re studying from home or at London Met, this year has bombarded us with unfortunate challenges and circumstances. From technical BB Collaborate issues to not being able to make our first or last year memorable, there are … Continue reading Snack it: Five healthy snacks to keep us boosted in between online classes

Get a job!

Your Careers and Employability Team are here to help… London Metropolitan University Careers and Employability Team are here to help you with any questions you have related to planning your career including CVs, applications, interview support, networking tips and assessment centres. For remote appointments, Jobs Board and interactive resources, please see Careers Mentoring If … Continue reading Get a job!

From the Editor

By Nikos Papanikoloau 2020. This year has been proven to be one of the most challenging in living history, not only for the university and its staff and students, but for all of humankind. The pandemic has affected everything, including our studies, our habits, and our lives. This year will be different for London Metropolitan … Continue reading From the Editor

Decolonising London Met

By Janet Douglas-Gardner & Gene Huie-Manneh (Co- Leads Decolonising Met Working Group) The Decolonising Met Working Party Group was successfully launched by visiting lecturer Dr Jason Arday in July 2020.  The group is made up of academics, Student Union students, senior management, professional service staff and external partners. London Met is fully committed to the … Continue reading Decolonising London Met

Being professional at uni

Professionalism is about attitudes, values and conduct. Professional appearances, manner and etiquette are all important facets of personal professionalism. It is important in any work setting because it shows that you not only care about your activities but also that you respect your peers. Let’s take a look… By your Career Services Team Writing/speaking skills … Continue reading Being professional at uni

How to stay ahead at uni

Assignments are the main tool for assessing the knowledge and progress of each student and the most challenging part of your first year at uni. If this sounds daunting, think ahead. These helpful tips will ensure you cope with your workload successfully.  By Dilyana Kotomanova 1. Get organised Organising and planning your time will become … Continue reading How to stay ahead at uni

Your support, your Student Services!

University is an exciting time full of new experiences and challenges, but it can also be a time that can lead to feelings of anxiety and pressure. During this uncertain time, students now more than ever may be experiencing undue stress. Reports show that one in four students will experience mental health issues at University … Continue reading Your support, your Student Services!

Five tips to essay success

By Emily Wilkinson We all know essays can be stressful and none of us really like them, but for the next three or four years, your time at university will be filled with them. However, if you follow these tips the whole process should be bearable, and you should come out with success and a … Continue reading Five tips to essay success

Black History Month

With the British curriculum unchanged, Black history in school was very basic: slaves, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Rosa Parks. Yes, they were integral to the rights Black people now have today but for 12 years of my life, year after year, those four topics were the only ones we were taught about Black … Continue reading Black History Month

Letter to my fresher self

To my fresher self, It’s okay to be nervous, this is a new chapter in your life and one of the scariest but most exciting one. It’s okay to have some doubts but please, do not begin to doubt yourself because you are here for a reason, because you earned your place. Go and meet … Continue reading Letter to my fresher self