The value of Vitamin D

We don’t get enough Vitamin D because of the weather; however, it is a vitamin we need and a vitamin that might be shielding us against COVID-19. How can we introduce more Vitamin D in our diet? By Honey Carlier Vitamin D is also known as the Sunshine Vitamin. Why? Because we get the majority … Continue reading The value of Vitamin D

Is ear makeup becoming a thing?

Trends come and go throughout generations. So it’s not surprising that a worldwide pandemic is making people try new things to adapt to the New Normal… by India Gustin Having to cover up much of our face with a mask means having to cover up makeup masterpieces. That’s why people are taking advantage of other … Continue reading Is ear makeup becoming a thing?

To tattoo or not tattoo?

That is the question… By Sarah Matthews When you were 17, the thought of having an enormous heart with the words “I Love Amy’s Squishy Fat Boobs & Butt” tattooed underneath in the middle of your right forearm seemed like a fantastic idea. But now that you’re 25 and about to get married to – surprise – … Continue reading To tattoo or not tattoo?